Project's objectives
Creating of theoretical and empirical basis for the further fundamental studies of the EU by young researchers.
Arrangement of upgrading courses for the vocational secondary institutions teaching staff focused on the process of widening their knowledge in the area of European research and dialogue of cultures.
Coaching of new teachers’ generation motivated to work with children and teenagers, solving  intercultural and integrational problems efficiently.
Arrangement of conditions for the creative thinking development on the basis of intellectual activity, project-research-oriented study, individual creativity, module integration, transference to the self-learning.
Stimulating teaching, research and reflection in the field of European integration studies, cultural stereotypes of Europe, Russian and European models of values, prospects for further enlargement of the European Union at the level of secondary education institutions within and outside the European Community;
Promotion of scientific-research debates and public discussions on the key topics linked to the European integration in the framework of language and culture interdependence
Investigation and identification of contemporary youth actual problems in Russia and Europe, discovering the main factors of youth socialization.
Advancement of intercultural dialogue between representatives of different linguacultures, development of communicative and sociocultural competences in the educational environment of students.

Academic coordinator
Vice-rector for International Affairs
World Languages and Cultures Department
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Our team
Suppoted and co-funded by EU
SvetlanaShvedova Vice-rector for International Affairs
ElenaMurugova Academic coordinator, Chief of World Languages and Cultures Department
MaximKuzhelev Senior lecturer, postgraduate
LiubovSavvateeva PhD, Associate professor
LubavaGornitskaya PhD, Senior lecturer