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LETSDO (Learning Europe Trough Studying and Discovering Opportunities)

In December DSTU has signed Grant Agreement number – 2015 -0860/049-001 on the award of a grant to support an action entitled LETSDO (Learning Europe Trough Studying and Discovering Opportunities) initiated under the Jean Monnet activities within ERASMUS+ Programme Project number 565543-EPP-1-2015-1-RU-EPPJMO-PROJECT. The action shall run as of 01.09.2015 and shall end on 31.08.2017.

The international project was won by the members of World Languages and Cultures Department, Socio-Humanitarian Faculty.

The aim of the project is bringing up a new generation oriented on establishing and stabilizing a constructive dialogue with Europe through dissemination of knowledge about the EU at the level of secondary education institutions.

Teaching is going to be combined with field researches and the results will be published in the expert scientific editions transmitting and popularizing scientific and pedagogical experience gained during the project realization (not only articles but also a collective monograph will be published addressed to the wide audience, aimed to generalize the work results within the frameworks of the project).

Dissemination of the information on the European integration will enable to improve academic knowledge level therefore bringing up a new generation of highly qualified specialists in the area of European researches.

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The target audience

The target audience of the project is students and teachers of schools, colleges, lyceums, gymnasiums and universities, young researchers, civil society representatives, general public.

Realization of the project in the Southern region will become one of the symbols of the new era of freedom of communication and interaction between Europe and Russia leading to more and more conventionality of the boundaries between Russia and European states.

We hope that these activities will turn our city into the cultural center of Europe in Russia where everybody can discover his/her Europe in Rostov-on-Don.