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The webinar took place on the 28th of August. It united more than 200 participants.

This event was focused on all the stakeholders: participants of the project, teaching and administrative staff from HEIs of neighbouring regions, Russian secondary and higher establishments, students. Murugova Elena, academic coordinator, Doctor in Philology, Chief of World Languages and Cultures department delivered the report on “International project “LETSDO" as an efficient tool of interaction between secondary and higher educational institutions: best educational practices”.

The key teaching staff exchanged the experience obtained during the project concerning the ideas of political correctness, tolerance, learning in multilingual communicative space (Savvateeva Liubov – lecturer, PhD, professor of World Languages ​​and Cultures department), integration as an archetypic subject of art. Invariants of integration subject in European and Russian tradition (Gornitskaya Lubava– lecturer, PhD, professor of World Languages ​​and Cultures department), the education of the young generation based on a constructive dialogue with Europe (Maxim Kuzhelev – lecturer, senior teacher of World Languages and Cultures department).

The project LETSDO got a universal acclaim from the administrative body. It got a rewarding feedback from the school teachers Kreinina Irina, English teacher of the highest qualification category of Gymnasium № 36, Novitskaya Olga, head of methodical Association of English teachers in Proletarian district, teacher of the highest qualification category, School № 8 who made the report on “ Pedagogical support of the gifted children in the municipal space (experience of participation in the international project LETSDO)”.

Snezhko Galina, Director of the Rostov regional center of information processing in education, Abrosimova Larisa, associate Professor, southern Federal University, Chairman of the Commission exam in English shared their opinion on the outputs of the project. Giorgi Nozadze, an active participant of the projects events, student of School № 60, Rostov-on-don under the supervision of his teacher Karina Simonova, associate Professor of the Department "World languages and cultures" presented the project “European Values and Russian: Similarities and Differences”.

There was a rewarding of teachers with letters of gratitude for active participation in the international project LETSDO. All the stakeholders of the project pinned great hopes on further dissemination of the project outcomes. The webinar was broadcasted to the administrative body of the Rostov region and schools.